Why G3 Self Defense Academy?

Why G3? We solve problems!

We teach a practical, effective self-defense that is intended to save lives. Our self-defense does not require complicated moves or a great degree of physical fitness. ANYONE can learn this in a short period of time.

Our focus is on principles rather than techniques. Under stress, the more techniques you have learned for a specific attack, the slower your reaction time. Most violent confrontations last between 3 and 5 seconds, there is no time for fancy stances or thinking about what technique to use. YOU HAVE TO ACT. As Ed Parker suggests, “Those who hesitate, meditate horizontally”.

Although we train to deal with real violence, the type you hope you never have to face, we train in a safe, no ego environment.

Criminals don’t play by the rules; in their world of violence, there are no rules. THEY PLAY FOR KEEPS NOT TROPHIES. You will react to a situation the way you have trained. This is why the right training will help you develop the skills needed to survive and win a violent confrontation.