G3 Self Defense Academy offers a variety of courses to fit your needs and lifestyle. We offer group and private classes in the following areas:

Training For Warriors – Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Great!

TFW is helping people around the world to Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Feel Good. Although TFW was originally intended for combat athletes, Founder Martin Rooney quickly realized that the incredible fitness improvements, fat loss, and general well-being being attained by his fighters should be available to everyone

.Although we are all in some way warriors, you do not have to be a fighter to train and look like one. Whether you need the energy to get through a stressful day at work, perform an athletic event, or play with your kids, we all face daily challenges to overcome.

Training for Warriors has changed hundreds of lives and will continue to do so. Join the revolution and become one of the many lives changed!

Young Warriors SDC

With the increase violence against children and young teens we want to do our part in preparing our students to deal with any violent situations be it physical or mental. Students should be able to focus in their education without worrying about acts of violence committed against them. In this program they will understand what to do in a potentially violent situation.

Please see our Class Schedule or Contact Us to arrange for your complimentary class.