G3 Martial Arts Classes For Children

anti-bullying classesAt G3 Self-Defense Academy, we know about the challenges kids and parents are facing in today’s culture.

Kid’s have to face bullying at school and negative peer pressure, and parents worry about the choices their children make and their safety away from home.

That’s why we designed a children’s martial arts program that’s focused on three things:

  1. Teaching kids how to have confidence in a positive, motivating environment –
  2. Giving kids bully-proofing and safety skills they can really use –
  3. And, making our classes fun so kids actually want to come to every class –

A Kid’s Martial Arts Program That’s More Than Just Fun And Games…

childrens martial arts Rio Rancho NMIf there’s one thing we know as instructors, it’s that kids like to have fun. And, if they’re not having fun during an activity, they’ll lose interest in short order.

So of course, we make sure that the kids in our children’s martial arts program are having fun and enjoying the training they’re getting. Every class is designed so that you child actually wants to come back for the next class.

However, our classes aren’t just fun and games… Behind every “fun” drill or activity we do, there’s a very important lesson. These lessons relate to staying safe, making good choices, avoiding the wrong people, and knowing what to do when trouble finds you, despite your best efforts.

Kids need this training in today’s society. Bullying, drugs, and crime are certainly topics that we don’t want our children to have to worry about, but if we deny them the tools and skills to deal with these issues, we’re actually robbing them of the safety we so desperately want for them.

Attitude, Respect, Courtesy… And So Much More!

krav maga for kids Rio RanchoThe difference between what we do in our kid’s martial arts program and what other schools do is apparent from your child’s very first class. It isn’t so much in what we don’t do, but what we do in addition to what you’d find in a traditional martial arts school.

Our school-age students learn the same lessons in respect, courtesy, and attitude that kids at other martial art schools learn. However, they also learn something that those other schools can’t provide – the life-saving skills of Krav Maga. Hebrew for “contact combat”, krav maga is the chosen self-defense method for the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli citizens.

Think about it – if it’s good enough for a society that has to deal with extreme threats of violence every day, isn’t it good enough to keep your child safe?

Try A Free Class Today…

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Or, fill out the form at the bottom right or top right side of this page. It’s free to try a class, and there’s absolutely no obligation or commitment required.

So, call us now and find out the difference that Krav Maga can make in your child’s life!


Manny Grijalva
Lead Instructor
G3 Self-Defense Academy
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