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  • Tips To Minimize Potential Attacks 2

    Be aware when in public restrooms
    There are places in which homeless people use public restrooms as bathhouses, or meeting places for using or selling illegal drugs. There have been instances in which robberies or sexual assaults have been committed in public restrooms. There have also been rapes in which the attacker dragged their victim into a public bathroom before committing their crime. No need for paranoia, just awareness
    If anyone approaches you trying to sell you something or ask you for money, time, directions, etc., make sure to maintain distance
    Understand your personal safety zone. For most people, it is twice their arm’s length, but for some it is more than ....

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  •  in Rio Rancho - G3 Combatives Training Center - Tips To Minimize Potential Attacks

    Tips To Minimize Potential Attacks

    For the next two or three blogs, I would like to share several tips that will minimize the likelihood of you becoming a victim of any criminal predator. The first thing is to remember it that a person who portrays confidence in movement or action is rarely chosen as a victim. 1.
    If you are in a situation in which you feel uncomfortable, LEAVE.
    Instinctively your body will tell you when something is not right. It could be just a “gut feeling” that things just do not feel right. Maybe you do not see anything and you dismiss it as just paranoia, do not dismiss these feelings. It is your survival mechanism. The reason many people become victims of crime is because the ignore ....

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  •  in Rio Rancho - G3 Combatives Training Center - Warrior Women

    Warrior Women

    We just had an amazing women’s self-defense workshop! These women were tough and they were there to learn and work hard; and they did. They were tired, maybe a little confused, and then we added a little stress, but every single one rose to the occasion and fought in-spite of all this. What an amazing group, they are warriors at heart for sure. I am proud to have been part of this class. During this training, these women did not go through long complex routines, or convoluted and flashy techniques in order to make them believe that they are more adept than they really are. There are already to many places selling belief rather than true fighting skills that will save lives. It is ....

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  •  in Rio Rancho - G3 Combatives Training Center - Those Who Don’t Have A Plan Can Plan To Be First

    Those Who Don’t Have A Plan Can Plan To Be First

    We just had a great Active Shooter Response Plan workshop, and those who attended now have a greater chance of surviving such an event, not because they trained with us, but because they now have a plan, they know what to do to make themselves less of a target. Those that don’t have a plan, are at the mercy of the shooter – we do not want that! The sad fact is that active shooter incidents will not be going away anytime soon. It is something that we, as a society, must accept and prepare to deal with. People are afraid to confront this issue because it is ugly, it’s violent, and it makes no sense. Yet, by ignoring it, hiding from it, or refusing to talk about it, does ....

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  •  in Rio Rancho - G3 Combatives Training Center - Krav Maga Training

    Krav Maga Training

    If you train in Krav Maga, you are there specifically because your intentions are to learn self-defense, period! You are not there because you want to go to the next local tournament or you want to fight in the octagon. You are there to learn specific skills that will save your life and the life of your loved ones should the need ever arise. Because of that, the training will be different. There is a certain “something” about most Krav Maga practitioners that sets them aside from most other martial artists. Many martial artists perform the mechanical movements they are taught, but if you pay attention, those movements are hollow. There is no intent or intensity, in other ....

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  • Why People Stop Training

    As I mentioned in the previous post, there is a certain amount of sacrifice to train in any legitimate self-defense or martial art system. Most who start on this journey, start with the intent of attaining the coveted black belt. However, somewhere along the journey, they find that the sacrifice needed to achieve it, is just too steep. To truly achieve what you started out seeking when you took on this journey, it will be a long and often difficult road. Many times you will question yourself and ask yourself if it is truly worth the effort, sacrifice, and price. There will be days when you will be sore, or you will be bruised, or just tired. The average person quits at this point. ....

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  • How Does One Become Good At Self-Defense?

    This is a question that is typically missing a key component when answered. Those with less athletic ability often state that it is by becoming more coordinated, more fit, etc., and those that are athletic think that it is their athleticism that will get them through. And although these things help someone in their quest for self-defense, they often fail to list the one key ingredient; sacrifice. There is one objective in self-defense training; go home safe. This may be for yourself or a loved one. If it is for a loved one, you are the protector, what sacrifices are you willing to make to ensure their safety? You’ll do anything, you say, but are you willing to sacrifice in the ....

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  • What is COBRA Self-Defense

    C.O.B.R.A. is a self-defense program that has been created from years of real-life experience and training in the area of law enforcement, corrections, martial arts, and reality based, hand-to-hand combat. The program also includes psychological and verbal command tactics as they relate to self-defense. This is an exclusive program that provides realistic and effective self defense to anyone who participates. ....

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