About Us

Inspiration, Expertise, Knowledge

G3 Self Defense Academy was formed with you in mind. it’s not about what we can do or impressing you with our skills and abilities but rather to show you what you can do. You will see how even after your first class you will have the ability to deal with a life threatening situation. Our focus is on principles rather than specific techniques because the reality is that under the stress of a violent encounter the more “techniques” you have learned for a specific attack the slower your reaction time will be. As Ed Parker said, “those who hesitate meditate horizontally.”

We are unique in that we will only work with clients who are serious about learning pure and effective self-defense, without all the glamor, glitter and ego that are apart of so many schools. Our semi-private classes are purposely kept small to ensure you receive the quality of instruction you deserve. So if you are looking for the sport aspect of the martial arts there are many great schools out there. HOWEVER, if you are interested in no-nonsense self defense, we are here for you.


Our Team

Manny Grijalva martial arts instructor Rio Rancho NMManny Grijalva – Lead Instructor

Instructor Manny Grijalva is a black belt martial artist with over 30 years’ experience and is ranked in eight different martial arts and combative systems. Instructor Grijalva is a graduate of Frontsight, Executive Security International is a Certified Fitness Trainer and a Certified MMA Conditioning Trainer.